Hey Bartender / guapo turns two!

guapo turns two!

February 6, 2008

Portland retailer Guapo Comics turns turned two years old on January 29, and they're having a party this Saturday night. Well done, Allie and Jeremy!

• Alan Moore signs Lost Girls at Gosh Comics in London. Cheers to Joel Meadows for the link.

• Renee French rocks! Here's some art from her upcoming book by Picture Box.
Uncle Charles

Uncle Henry

• Charlito and Mr. Phil interviewed inkstud Jeff Lemire in the 107th edition of Indie Spinner Rack! It's awesome.

• Another podcast interview, with Alex Robinson, can be found at Global Comics.

• Lemire also gets interviewed at Tom O'Shea's new website, Talking with Tim.

•Â A beautiful belated greeting from Leela Corman and Tom Hart. Thanks, kids!

• Matt Kindt interviewed at Steve Duin's blog at Oregon Live.

• Even More bitchin' Michael Golden art... this promoting Golden's "Special Guest" status for the upcoming Atlanta Comics Expo.

• From the desk of David Yurkovich:
Mantlo: A Life in Comics, Free Download on Wowio

"Here's an excellent chance for YOU to help comics writer Bill Mantlo (who wrote hundreds of comic stories for titles including Spider-Man, Hulk, Human Fly, Micronauts, ROM, Cloak and Dagger), and best of all, it won't cost you a dime!

"David Yurkovich's 2007 career retrospective of Bill (Mantlo: A Life in Comics) is now available as a free download at Wowio.com. Every time the PDF is downloaded, Bill will benefit directly. As you may know, Wowio features banner advertising. The advertisers pay whenever a book is downloaded. It's that simple. All proceeds (100%) are going directly toward Bill's care. It's WIN WIN!

"If you missed the print version of the magazine, here's your chance to obtain the digital edition and at the same time help out Mr. Mantlo.

"Click here to download the magazine. Special thanks to Bill Williams at Lone Star Press for managing the project and making this happen."

•Â Oh, and here's some kick-ass fanboy art (with two of my favorite Marvel characters) by Frank Cho. I think it's a cover for an upcoming issue of Ultimates Vol. 3. (With some ass-covering art added. Natch.) But really, does it matter? It screams (Druuna artist) Serpieri to me. Fucking killer!!