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Sounds of Your Name

Sounds of Your Name

by Nate Powell

339 pages

Now available in a digital edition from Top Shelf!

"This Nate Powell wittily, even surgically, cuts to the bone. Observant, intimate cartooning, anchored with a nice, punchy use of black. Good comics." -- Frank Miller, creator of Sin City and 300

"Frame by frame, his work is more varied in every way than that of most other comics artists, yet he unfailingly maintains narrative momentum by carrying over details from one panel to the next, no matter how altered the angle of vision. Brilliant." -- Booklist

"Someone who reads McSweeney's or subscribes to Harper's but has no graphic literature in their life will be bowled over by the beauty and grace of Powell's style. There are simply too few superlatives for this book."-- Bookslut

Sounds of Your Name, originally published by Microcosm Publishing in 2006, collects Nate Powell's zines and comics from 1998-2004, including his first two books, Tiny Giants and It Disappears. His intricate, sometimes chaotic drawings examine the complications that come with passing from childhood into adulthood. Renderings of friends and family scattered across the country paint tender, sweaty, and memory-soaked portraits of small town life and beyond. Nate addresses the uneasy existential inquiries that bloom in youth and invokes all the elements of great coming of age novels with only a few dozen words.

This new 340-page digital edition from Top Shelf has been re-sequenced and includes a dozen new pages of author's notes, backstories, and annotations.

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