News / NPR loves Eddie Campbell!

NPR loves Eddie Campbell!

January 7, 2010

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National Public Radio's Glen Weldon has a glowing new review up of Eddie Campbell's brand-new ALEC omnibus collection, The Years Have Pants!

"The fact that we are finally able to watch young Alec slowly evolve, page by page, from a cheeky wastrel into a mature artist deeply committed to his work and his family is nothing less than a revelation," he writes.

"As the years steadily accrete, it becomes impossible to ignore the staggering scope of what Campbell has accomplished here... the three decades of mature, complex and emotionally compelling work compiled here represent a major accomplishment in comics storytelling, and in storytelling, period. It's nothing less than a modern epic of the everyday."

Whew! So, who still needs a copy? What are you waiting for?