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Van Helsing's Night Off

Van Helsing's Night Off

by Nicolas Mahler

ISBN 978-1-891830-38-9

$12.95 (US)

"Mahler has succeeded in injecting human neuroses into the horror realm in a way that most other over-the-top comedians never broached. It resonates with the part of you that understands that even monsters need a dependable tavern in which to drown their sorrows, fears and foibles." -- Jarret Keene, Las Vegas CityLife

Austrian cartoonist Nicolas Mahler is famous for his silent and sophisticated comics. Perfect for fans of Edward Gorey, this volume includes humorous comics stories featuring the classic archetypes of the mummy, vampire, wolfman, Frankenstein, and, of course, Van Helsing. These short stories are intriguing, humorous and incredibly illustrated in a whimsical, yet weighted, sketchy style. This first American compilation will be sure to create an instant fan base for Nicolas' work. -- 112 pages, Diamond: JAN042750


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