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110 Per¢

110 Per¢

by Tony Consiglio

ISBN 978-1-891830-75-4

$12.95 (US)

"Tony Consiglio is a natural-born cartoonist; his drawings are funny, sharp, and uncluttered. Upon his incisive line he somehow manages to balance both misanthropy and a sympathy for human foibles. He may skewer his characters (sometimes literally), but I suspect that, deep down, he has a tender spot for them." -- Ivan Brunetti

"In much the same way that Alan Moore's Watchmen is the final word on the modern superhero, Tony Consiglio's 110Per¢ closes the book on the entire middle-aged-housewives-obsessed-with-boybands genre." -- Alex Robinson

Meet Cathy, Gerty and Sasha, three mature women with one common bond: their absolute obsession with the boy band, 110 Per¢ ("110 Percent"). Unfortunately, deception is getting the better of them, and throughout the story, relationships will crumble, laws will be broken, and lives will be shattered. Watch as these three friends lie, cheat, and steal to get closer to the band, only to end up further from reality. From the fan-favorite creator of Doublecross, Tony Consiglio now brings us a humorous and scathing commentary on the American obsession with celebrity culture. -- 136 pages, Diamond: MAR063447

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