Hey Bartender / San Diego beckons... NERD ALERT!

San Diego beckons... NERD ALERT!

July 20, 2010

The geeks are armoring up their stormtrooper costumes, and studio execs are praying for successful sneak-peak rollouts for their next bloated blockbusters. Hard to believe, but this will be this bartender's 16th ComicCon!! Oh, how the time flies. And moving right along...

Max Estes sent this Summer greeting around. I really dig this.

• James Kochalka has a new t-shirt coming out with this sweet Johnny Boo image.

• Drew Landry brought a tear to my eye with his plea to yet another fucking commission regarding the Gulf Spill. Spread this around folks. This guy is my new hero.

• Finally, before i continuing preparations for San Diego, here is a short piece by a Brazilian cartoonist named Rodrigodraw, who generously invited me as a guest to the comics and animation festival in late October he organizes called Animaserra, just outside of Rio de Janeiro. Besides all of this (organizing a show and writing and drawing comics), he is a university professor as well.