Hey Bartender / january 9

january 9

January 9, 2007

Just a few things worth checking out.

Excellent advance reviews from Johnny Bacardi, about our Next Four New Books. [James Kochalka's American Elf vol. 2; Jeffrey Brown's Feeble Attempts; Aleksander Zograf's Regards From Serbia; and Jeff Lemire's Tales From the Farm.]


Why i loveYouTube reels, and why net neutrality is so important:


James Kochalka has two pages of American Elf comics in issue #9 of SWINDLE.


Matt Rota has redone his whole website. There are about seventy images up, almost all new and done within the past year. Really really fine work.


This is pretty cool! Renee's map of her upcoming book Micrographica.

Renee was featured in an excellent podcast interview by Charlito and Mr Phil over at Indy Spinner Rack.