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Kelly Williams makes comics. Sometimes writes, just about always draws. He has done work with Dark Horse, BOOM!, IDW, Image, Alterna and more. He's best known for the graphic novels The Cabinet and Metaphase along with his work in Eerie and Creepy. He exists in the middle of America with a wife, daughter, dog and cat.

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comic thumbMay 18 Red Plains #26.2 - "Jackson's Back & There's Gonna Be Some Trouble" pt 2
comic thumbApr 27 Red Plains #26.1 - "Jackson's Back & There's Gonna Be Some Trouble" pt 1
A Letter to Jo

A Letter to Jo

by Joseph Sieracki and Kelly Williams

"Sieracki effortlessly adapts his grandfather’s letters into a narrative that feels both intimate and sweeping... Williams captures the desolation of the battlefields and the bloodcurdling violence of government-sanctioned killing. But through it all, the love story conquers the darkness so …

$19.99 (US)


ISBN 978-1-60309-452-8 - Diamond: APR190693