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Patt Kelley was born with a crayon in his hand, and has been drawing ever since he gained the manual dexterity to do so. (The doctors still have no idea where the crayon came from). He made his first comic book in high school. It wasn't very good. After graduating he earned a BFA in illustration from the Massachusetts College of Art and persued a career as a freelance illustrator. Since then his work has appeared in various publications, art galleries, and one museum.

In between illustration jobs he continues to work on his comics, contributing to a slew of different anthologies. He self published two volumes of his series Parasitic Twin, which is a collection of short stories about circus freaks and the many tragedies that befall them. Currently he does a weekly strip called "What's for Breakfast?" for a local newspaper.

He lives in Boston with his wife as well as a dog and a cat. (both of whom appear in much of his work.)

What Am I Going to Do Without You?

What Am I Going to Do Without You?

by Patt Kelley

"[A] beautiful little cartoon meditation on mortality, regret and rebirth." -- North Adams Transcript

"[A] great triumph... What Am I Going to Do Without You? is both unbearably poignant and painful, and yet splendidly heartwarming and life-affirming too." --Broken Frontier

A dinosaur …

$4.99 (US) DIGITAL