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Owen D. Pomery

Owen D. Pomery grew up in rural England before studying architecture and moving to London. After several years working in practice and a couple of distractions in a few other countries, he specialized in illustration. Through this he started writing and drawing comics, becoming known on the UK scene with the publication of his debut book Between the Billboards. He continues to live in London, working with an array of design clients and exploring architecture & narrative illustration.

British Ice

British Ice

by Owen D. Pomery

"An evocative 'arctic noir,' this graphic novel unfurls a study in desolation, mounting tensions, and chilling atmosphere." — Publishers Weekly

"Beautifully well-done introspection, perfect for a tale from the white, icy wastelands of the Arctic... a polished, different, multi-layered mystery …

$14.99 (US)

$7.99 (US) DIGITAL


ISBN 978-1-60309-460-3 - Diamond: SEP190739