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Mats Jonsson

Mats Jonsson was born in 1973 and spent his formative years in a small industrial town in the north of Sweden. First published in 1991, he’s a regular contributor to the comics anthology Galago and the author of four graphic novels.

One of the pioneers of the autobiographical comics genre in Scandinavia, he was ridiculed at first, but then received critical acclaim for Hey Princess and the follow-up Pojken i skogen (The Boy in the Wilderness), which won the Urhunden award for the best Swedish graphic novel of 2005.

Mats is also a spoken-word artist and editor of Galago. He lives in Stockholm.

Hey Princess

Hey Princess

by Mats Jonsson


"Funny, relatable, honest. What's not to love?" --Whitney Matheson, USA Today

“The brilliance of Mats Jonsson’s comics is knowing just how funny some of the most pathetic moments of adolescence can be, and not being afraid to share those, no matter how ridiculous it …

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