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Glenn Dakin lives in Cambridge, England, with his wife Sara and son Cory. He was raised on sixties' superhero comics such as Stan Lee’s Spider-Man and Fantastic Four. As a teenager he became a big fan of Johnny Hart's BC and Wizard of Id cartoons, moving on to George Herriman and Elsie Segar (Popeye) in his twenties. Discovered Eddie Campbell in the 80's and was part of the British self-publishing free-for-all of the time. It was at this time he became known for his auto-biographical strip, Abe, published by Escape, Deadline and Fantagraphics. His collection of cartoons about the devil, Temptation has been published by Penguin (UK), and Active Images (US). He was written sketch comedy for TV and radio in the UK, plus kids TV shows including Shaun the Sheep (Aardman) for which he wrote an Emmy-award-winning episode in 2008. Glenn is currently writing a trilogy of children’s fantasy novels for Egmont US/UK. The first volume, Candle Man 1: The Society of Unrelenting Vigilance, is out in September 2009. The series, aimed at 9-12s, and anyone who likes to read about people being melted, has been described as an English "Batman."

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comic thumbJul 3 Abe Stories
Abe: Wrong for the Right Reasons

Abe: Wrong for the Right Reasons

by Glenn Dakin

Sporting a glowing introduction by the master of "veiled autobiography," Eddie Campbell, this graphic novel features all of Glenn Dakin's ABE stories from the British comix scene. If you're not familiar with Dakin's work, Glenn has, for the last nineteen years, been one of England's best …

$14.95 (US)


ISBN 978-1-891830-22-8 - Diamond: STAR14840