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Ludovic Debeurme

LUDOVIC DEBEURME is a French graphic novelist and illustrator who was born in 1971. After studying fine art at the Sorbonne, he was first published in the anthology Comix 2000, followed by the acclaimed graphic novels Céfalus (2002) and Mes ailes d’homme (2003), the autobiographical story collection Ludologie (2003), and youth-oriented illustrated editions of the classics Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (2001), The Chancellor (2004), and Gargantua (2004).

His breakthrough came in 2006 with the release of Lucille, which won the René Goscinny Prize and was named one of the 5 “Essential” graphic novels of the Angoulême International Comics Festival. He followed that success with Le grand autre (2007), Le lac aux Vélies (2009), and Terra maxima (2010). The year 2011 sees his English-language debut with Lucille from Top Shelf, as well as the French release of Lucille’s sequel, Renée.

He continues to write, draw, and play guitar in Paris.



by Ludovic Debeurme

"Moving and rich." -- GQ France

“Lucille impresses as much by the power of its drawing as by the subtlety of its dialogue and plotting... it alternates tender moments of joy with scenes that evoke tears... Tremendous.” -- Didier Pasamonik, ActuaBD

"A coherent, compelling narrative... …

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by Ludovic Debeurme

Named one of the year's 20 Essential Graphic Novels by ACBD (the French Association of Comics Critics)!

"Do you love to be unsettled and shaken up by a book? Then you'll love Renée… the artist's sleek line wells up into the middle of the pure white page, unbound by boxes or balloons, and …

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