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Jean-Luc Deglin

Jean-Luc Deglin was born in 1977 in the suburbs of Paris. After studying literature, he settled in the south of France and started as a self-taught artist. He began working in newspaper comics while also assisting friends with colors and layouts. Rascal, originally serialized as Crapule in the Franco-Belgian magazine Spirou, is his first book.



by Jean-Luc Deglin

Rascal is a cat. My cat. I didn’t ask for him, he just sort of... happened to me. But that’s just how it works sometimes, isn’t it?

When a mysterious mewling package arrives in the mail, one busy young woman’s life changes forever. Rascal lives up to his name, filling every day with wild …

$14.99 (US)

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ISBN 978-1-60309-463-4