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2014 Releases

February 2015



by Ed Piskor

"The next big thing in graphic novels." -- Rolling Stone

"Fascinating... Piskor superbly balances action and insight, and gives us a unique window through which to view the ingenious mind of a hacker." -- Publishers Weekly, Best Books of 2012

"Extremely pleasurable... A gripping story with …

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$7.99 (US) DIGITAL

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ISBN 978-1-60309-097-1 - Diamond: MAY12-1293

March 2015

Nemo: River of Ghosts

Nemo: River of Ghosts

by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill

In a world where all the fictions ever written coalesce into a rich mosaic, it’s 1975. Janni Dakkar, pirate queen of Lincoln Island and head of the fabled Nemo family, is eighty years old and beginning to display a tenuous grasp on reality. Pursuing shadows from her past—or her …

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ISBN 978-1-60309-355-2

April 2015

Knight Takes Queen

Knight Takes Queen

by Keith Knight

"Point blank: Keith Knight is one of our generation's best cartoonists. If he were any funnier, he'd be illegal." -- Jeff Chang Author/Journalist

KNIGHT TAKES QUEEN: THE 2ND “KNIGHT LIFE” COLLECTION by Keith Knight follows the trials and tribulations of the world's foremost gentleman …

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ISBN 978-0-9905208-0-1

May 2015

Motorcycle Samurai -- FCBD 2015

Motorcycle Samurai -- FCBD 2015

by Chris Sheridan

Look hard into the storm clouds. You may yet see her, mounted on her electric steed, streaking past. The last hero of the West. THE MOTORCYCLE SAMURAI!

It's been called “the new benchmark for indie digital comics." Now discover the mad genius of THE MOTORCYCLE SAMURAI for yourself, as Chris …

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ISBN 978-1-60309-359-0