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Nelson Evergreen lives on the south coast of the UK with his partner and their imaginary cat. A freelance illustrator and character designer, in his spare time he can be found working on any one of a number of comic strips featuring his inventions Shadowquake & Shnookie, Mark E. Moon, and Edith Rock & Hilda Roll. On top of this he's busy writing and illustrating Roof Monsters - a children's picture book/graphic novel hybrid - and is slowly piecing together a collection of absurd short stories provisionally titled The Bearded Hover-Pig and Other Nonsenses, both of which will be hurled hopefully at publishers over the coming months/years/decades. See more of his work at and
comic thumbMay 5 Shadowquake & Shnookie #3
comic thumbApr 12 Shadowquake & Shnookie #2
comic thumbMar 29 Shadowquake & Shnookie #1
comic thumbMar 8 Damienne Hobbs Reflects