J.M. Shiveley comics

J.M. Shiveley

J.M. Shiveley draws pictures in rows. Sometimes with letters in rows. Sometimes when read in a certain sequence meaning is gleaned. Mostly not.

He also is the editor of HIVE: A Somewhat Quarterly Comics journal which is published through the mini comic D.I.Y. group Grimalkin Press.

He would love to hear from you and talk about really nerdy things like pen cartridge to well ink conversion schematics and golems.

jmshiveley.blogspot.com grimalkinpress.blogspot.com

email: jordanshiveley AT gmail DOT com

comic thumbMay 12 Deep Breath
comic thumbMay 12 Please
comic thumbMar 30 Mouse Dream
comic thumbJan 13 I'd Like to Think
comic thumbNov 20 Just Keep Walking