Craig "Chip" Carmichael comics

Craig "Chip" Carmichael

Craig "Chip" Carmichael is a long-time friend of Top Shelf. "Many of you will know Chip from the convention circuit -- particularly Comic-Con -- where he's been supporting indy publishers and brightening everyone's day for years," says Top Shelf publisher Chris Staros. "Every year, in addition to supporting our line, he always hands me something he's working on. And when I read See What I Can Do, I was so moved by his honesty and eloquence, I asked Chip if he would allow us serialize it at 2.0."

We're proud to share Chip's story. See What I Can Do is a minicomic written by Chip reflecting on his life with Friedreich's ataxia, a degenerative nerve disease. It was drawn primarily by Chad Serhal ( and also features a cameo appearance by indy comics legend James Kochalka!

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