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Adrian English

My name is Adrian English. In 2001, I was arrested for the accidental death of my son, only the police didn't see it as an accident. They charged me with murder. In 2003, I pled guilty to Involuntary Manslaughter and Cruelty to Children. 20 years. I went to college. I had a good family. And now, all of that was gone.

I draw comics and I write. Recently, the National Geographic Channel has been here at Hays filming a documentary [Hard Time]. They saw my work and saw that it helped me deal with my situation. As a matter of fact, it was they who gave me the idea for the very work you're reading.

I didn't want to do it. I tend to stay away from autobiographical work because it forces me to return to some very dark places. But this time I did it. Call it a release. Call it therapy. You don't see much "true-life" stuff about prisons done by somebody still in prison.

In some ways I am Darryl Rivers and in some ways I'm not. I've been raped 3 times, stabbed 5 and I still have 13 years to serve. The way Darryl chose to resolve his conflict is different from how I would do it.

Inmates don't have the support we need. I want you to know who I am. I want you to hear what I have to say. I want to give you something to think about. I'm not a monster. I'm a person who had an accident and was railroaded. I can't change that.

I've always wanted to write and draw comics. I've always wanted to matter. By you reading this, you help my dream come true.

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