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John Littleboy

Bob and Ivan is just the sort of alternate-reality version of everyday life that made me want to become a cartoonist.”
-- Dan Piraro, creator of Bizarro

John Littleboy lives and works in California. In addition to cartooning, John has exhibited his paintings in Morocco and New York, has taken an occasional commission with mostly positive results, and devotes the rest of his time to his current project working as the creative director at Inky-Dinky. Check out his web site at, and the official Bob and Ivan site at

comic thumbAug 3 Bob and Ivan, part 6
comic thumbJul 21 Bob and Ivan, part 5
comic thumbJul 6 Bob and Ivan, part 4
comic thumbJun 22 Bob and Ivan, part 3
comic thumbJun 9 Bob and Ivan, part 2
comic thumbMay 20 Bob and Ivan, part 1