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stef lenk

stef lenk is a freelance illustrator presently living and working in Toronto.
She spells her name all lower-case.
People at the Ontario Arts Council and the Xeric Foundation have generously given her money for drawing things.
You can read further useless things about her life, should you feel the need, at
A scroll through, however, will likely supply more relevant information.

(The first five books you'll see here comprise a graphic-novel in process called The Details and are available in full-colour-offset printed bliss from!)

comic thumbJun 24 The Details, part 6: The One-Night Stands
comic thumbJun 3 The Details, part 5
comic thumbMay 6 The Details, part 4
comic thumbApr 15 The Details, part 3: The Haircut
comic thumbMar 25 The Details, part 2: The Alteration
comic thumbMar 4 The Details, part 1: Carnival