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Jacob Paul Ferguson

Jacob Paul Ferguson grew up on a farm in the middle of California. There, he learned how to grow vegetables, raise rabbits, tend to bulls and cut the heads off of snakes with a garden hoe. In elementary school, he drew Garfield instead of doing homework. Then there was this long bit of time full of really embarrassing things. It was called High School. After that, he did all sorts of graphic design for a lot of fancy places. When he got tired of that, he bummed around the USA and had all sorts of experiences and stuff. Now he has a lot of friends who draw comics, so he decided to do it too. He thinks it's pretty fun. Check him out at www.floate.com.
comic thumbMar 31 Tikboom: Global Warming, part 4
comic thumbMar 10 Tikboom: Global Warming, part 3
comic thumbMar 3 Tikboom: Global Warming, part 2
comic thumbFeb 24 Tikboom: Global Warming, part 1

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