Bernie McGovern comics

Bernie McGovern

Bernie McGovern paints and lives in Chicago where he is surrounded by people he loves. He is a regular participant in things theatrical, illustrative, and spectacular.

Puppet design: 13 Dead Husbands (Sansculottes Theater 2008) Hedwig & the Angry Inch (Actors Theatre of Louisville 2007) and Poker Night at the White House (The Neo Futurists Chicago 2007, and remount by Dad's Garage Georgia 2008)

Film: creative consultant to New Port South (Touchstone Pictures 2001)

Comics: An Army of Lovers will be Beaten (Short Pants Press 2007), regular strips appearing in Chicago's Skeleton News, and occasional spotlights in Amelia's Magazine, London.

He has a great love for collaborators, juniper, hazelnut infused chocolate, and his parents.

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