Edward J. Grug III comics

Edward J. Grug III

Edward J Grug III is the ridiculous pen-name of Robert Forrest, a cartoonist from Perth, Western Australia.

He has be drawing and publishing comics longer than he can remember. He has been published in dozens of anthologies, as well as a large stack of mini-comics.

He has also been publishing comics on the internet since 2002, on his Livejournal, Moderntales, and his website. He recently launched a new web-series, Glorious Bounty.

He draws a LOT of comics.

comic thumbFeb 23 Cross That Bridge
comic thumbOct 18 Love Puppets Mini-Story
comic thumbNov 3 Ellewin and Arlbard #2
comic thumbOct 16 Ellewin and Arlbard
comic thumbJul 27 Just Another Post-Apocalypse Story
comic thumbApr 21 Love Puppets #3, part 3
comic thumbApr 13 Love Puppets #3, part 2
comic thumbApr 6 Love Puppets #3, part 1
comic thumbOct 28 Love Puppets #2, part 4
comic thumbOct 21 Love Puppets #2, part 3
comic thumbOct 14 Love Puppets #2, part 2
comic thumbOct 6 Love Puppets #2, part 1
comic thumbMay 30 Love Puppets, part 3
comic thumbMay 21 Love Puppets, part 2
comic thumbMay 16 Love Puppets, part 1