Lizz Lunney comics

Lizz Lunney

Lizz Lunney currently lives in Birmingham, UK. Her hobbies include drinking black tea, collecting dinosaurs, riding rollercoasters and knitting. She has self published three comics and has an online comic which can be found at


  • Tofu and Cats 2007
  • Party Animals 2006
  • Waiting for Sushi 2005
comic thumbSep 26 Romantic Bison
comic thumbJan 17 The Magical Unicorns of Keith the Wizard
comic thumbJul 8 Hairy Midget Elf
comic thumbMay 17 Rocketman
comic thumbMar 2 Dungaree Lion #2
comic thumbJan 4 Festive Lion
comic thumbDec 11 Stuffed bear
comic thumbAug 12 Sour Rabbit and Crispy Duck
comic thumbJul 8 Dungaree Lion
comic thumbJun 4 Leaning Rabbit
comic thumbFeb 2 The Truth About Dinosaurs!
comic thumbSep 17 Watermelon Boy, part 2
comic thumbSep 16 Watermelon Boy, part 1
comic thumbJul 8 Depressed Cat

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