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Gabriel Frizzera was born in Brazil in 1975. He started his comic book career drawing and writing in the pioneer fanzine Wazgga Blazka, which was distributed for free in underground events in his hometown of Vitoria. In 1996 he was nominated for the Nova Prize of science fiction for his story "Rain Season," published in the last issue of Wazgga Blazka. In 2000 he moved to Vancouver to study animation, and started working as a Concept Artist for animated films and video games. After a few of years in the industry, Gabriel decided to come back to his old passion and independently published his first story in North America, "Isthmus." In 2006 he finished "Heavy Metal Heart," and both stories were published in a small-run book entitled Codex, along with some of his digital paintings / concepts. Gabriel currently works as a Concept Artist for EA Black Box in Vancouver.

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Published Works:

  • 1996 - Rain Season
  • 2005 - Isthmus
  • 2006 - Heavy Metal Heart
  • 2007 - Codex (collection of works)
comic thumbJul 29 Body Parts of South American Heroes
comic thumbOct 24 With Just One Bullet, part 2
comic thumbOct 15 With Just One Bullet, part 1
comic thumbOct 2 Heavy Metal Heart, part 3
comic thumbSep 25 Heavy Metal Heart, part 2
comic thumbSep 18 Heavy Metal Heart, part 1