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Steven "Stedho" Dhondt

Steven Dhondt, who uses the pseudonym Stedho, grew up in Huise, Belgium. When he was nine years old, his teacher Marc de Bel noticed his drawing talents and encouraged him to develop it in a number of children’s books and comics they did together. Steven Dhondt went on to study architecture at the University of Gent, after which he quickly returned to creating books and comics again. One of his comics, "Ooievarken," is published by Oogachtend. see Stedho at work on, and follow his blog at
comic thumbOct 29 Silver Lady Bug
comic thumbJun 25 The Nipplegarden of the Sleeping Dragon
comic thumbApr 2 Crusoe
comic thumbOct 20 Taxidermus
comic thumbSep 24 Box
comic thumbJun 12 Schwarzkopf