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Check out a Super Spy making of video on YouTube.

Matt Kindt\'s on-line Super Spy comics are updated weekly! Each story is self-contained but read as a whole, they fit together to create a larger world. A world that also ties in to Kindt\'s critically acclaimed graphic novel 2 Sisters: A Super Spy Graphic Novel from Top Shelf. Check back every week for a new story that is guaranteed to feature spies, pen-guns, cyanide pills and duplicitous shenanigans.

comic thumbSep 17 Losing a Tail
comic thumbApr 9 The Prisoner
comic thumbMar 19 Spy Versus Spy
comic thumbFeb 12 Ants
comic thumbJan 22 The Spy Gadget Catalog
comic thumbSep 4 The Super Spy
comic thumbJul 24 Drop Out

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