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January 22, 2013

Image for DOUBLE BARREL goes DRM-free!

We've had an incredible ride so far with Double Barrel, the digital comics series by the mighty Minneapolis duo Kevin Cannon & Zander Cannon (no relation). For seven issues, Double Barrel has been bringing you two Cannons every month, serializing their new graphic novels, Heck by Zander and Crater XV by Kevin (the sequel to Far Arden), together with dozens of pages of bonus stuff in each issue. It's not just two outstanding adventure comics by top-class cartoonists, it's a whole little community and a comics education wrapped up in one package.

After 6 of the projected 12 issues, both Heck and Crater XV had been through some wild plot twists and game-changing reveals, and the Cannon boys took a month off to catch their breath... before heading downhill for the final half. If you're ready to join them, issue #7 is available now!

And one more thing -- they're going DRM-free! Starting now, the versions of Double Barrel sold by Google Books and the Apple iBookstore have no copy restrictions, and we're offering direct downloads of PDF, ePub 3, and CBZ formats for sale direct from And not to worry, all other retailers (Comixology, Comics+ by iVerse, Amazon Kindle) will continue to offer Double Barrel just like always.

The latest issue is always $1.99, while back issues go to half price - just 99 cents each - making it super-easy for new readers to catch up. Hop in and let's roll!