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Interviews galore: Gärdenfors, Campbell, Arnold & Koslowski!

July 14, 2010

Image for Interviews galore: Gärdenfors, Campbell, Arnold & Koslowski!

Here's a roundup of great interviews you may have missed:

First of all, get to know JD Arnold and Rich Koslowski, 'cause they're going to be appearing and signing their hot new book BB Wolf and the 3 LPs at the San Diego Comic-Con, coming up in just one week! Tim O'Shea of Robot 6 recently spoke with JD and Rich about the book, their collaboration process, and the incredible BB Wolf soundtrack CD debuting at Comic-Con! Read all about it here!

Next, that Swedish rascal Simon Gärdenfors spills his guts to Robin McConnell of Inkstuds. Listen to the interview to learn the true stories behind his hit graphic novel The 120 Days of Simon, his other comics, his opinions on American indie comics, and his surprising knowledge of Captain Marvel trivia. You'll even hear a bit of Simon's electro-hip-hop career! Don't "Panik," just listen to the interview!

Finally, the good folks at The Comics Journal have posted an incredible 2005 Dirk Deppey interview with Eddie Campbell, originally published in TCJ #273. It's available online in four parts (one two three four) and, like every conversation with Eddie, well worth your time.