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Nate Powell goes in-depth with the Comics Reporter!

January 2, 2014

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"This is one of the books of this year. This is something that will be prominent in your career, no matter what direction it takes from here, for however long you continue to make comics."

So begins Tom Spurgeon's long and wide-ranging interview with our own Nate Powell, award-winning author/artist of Swallow Me Whole, Any Empire, Sounds of Your Name, and now artist of March: Book One, one of the most talked-about and highly-acclaimed graphic novels in Top Shelf history.

How does it feel to work so closely with a revered figure of American history? What does it mean to break through barriers for comics on television and in classrooms? What was the creative process to turn this powerful narrative into such innovative comic book pages? Tom and Nate get deeply into it, making this interview a must-read. Check it out!