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June 17, 2010

Image for In-depth reviews of UNDELETED SCENES and THE PLAYWRIGHT!

A couple of great reviews have come in lately on our new spring/summer books! First, Isaac Butler at Parabasis has a thoughtful take on Daren White and Eddie Campbell's The Playwright: "hidden depths lurk below Daren White’s arch, detached, perhaps even cold authorial voice," he says. "You can luxuriate in Campbell’s jerky lines and watercoloring, and live in the distance between the words and the images."

Secondly, Rob Clough at The Comics Journal looks carefully at Jeffrey Brown's Undeleted Scenes, which he calls "a fantastic collection of Brown's short work" containing "some of the best work of Brown’s career. ... the way that Brown gets at the heart of small details to convey a larger emotional truth is what makes his comics so compulsively readable." He concludes with the striking observation that "Brown has been perhaps the most influential autobiographical cartoonist of his generation," which means that "Undeleted Scenes is a kind of autobio comics Ph.D program."

Prospective students (along with the rest of us) can click below to grab their copy today!