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Pre-order these wild adventures for June!

March 24, 2023

Coming soon to a retailer near you, check out our June on-sale comics in Penguin Random House’s March Direct Market Catalog!

  • Cosmoknights (Book Two) by Hannah Templer
    On sale June 13th!

    Escape was just the beginning. The sensational “gays in space” webcomic/graphic novel returns, with new faces, long-awaited reunions, higher stakes, and more thrilling action!
  • Chester 5000 (Book 1) by Jesse Fink — new edition with updated artwork!
    On sale June 27th (for adults only, 18+)

    A vintage delight for adult readers of all stripes, Jess Fink’s award-winning graphic novel debut reads like a whimsical love child of steampunk, silent film, and erotic comics.
  • The Unpetables by Dennis Messner
    On sale June 20th!

    These two best friends have had ENOUGH of being petted! It’s a non-stop zany middle-grade adventure as they bust out of the petting zoo and hit the road to find their destiny.