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The Mirror of Love

The Mirror of Love

by Alan Moore and José Villarrubia

ISBN 978-1-891830-45-7 - Diamond: OCT032748

THE ADVOCATE PICKS "THE MIRROR OF LOVE" AS ONE OF THE TOP TEN BOOKS OF THE YEAR -- "José Villarrubia’s amazing photos illustrate an equally amazing epic gay love poem." -- The Advocate

"The only way to go to war with hate is to love. The Mirror of Love is the great weapon in our arsenal. Not only does it elegantly and profoundly tell our history, it gives us a perfect reflection of our immense beauty. Moore and Villarrubia weave a remarkable tapestry, in words and images, that captures with precision the ecclesiastical and ecstatic capabilities of the human heart." -- Margaret Cho

"The Mirror of Love is a unique, beautiful and immensely powerful marriage of voice and vision, fact and feeling. Part testament, part history, part celebration, it belongs on everybody's bedside table, gay, straight or undecided. Wonderful." -- Clive Barker

" … a moving, epic, literate, intellectual response to an argument currently going on in the United States … a celebration of same sex love through the ages." -- Matt Brady,

This masterpiece, an epic poem in prose, is a passionate love letter that beautifully recounts the history of same-sex love. Author Alan Moore takes us on a fascinating journey, from prehistory to the present, revealing the hidden side of Western culture through the lives of its greatest creators. Sappho, Michelangelo, Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson, Oscar Wilde, and many others are woven into this rich, visceral piece described by The Comics Journal as a "vital, affecting piece of work ... exquisitely moving -- not because it's a testament to same-sex love, but because it's a testament to love, period." This edition presents the poem fully illustrated by José Villarrubia, who has previously collaborated with Moore on his award-winning series Promethea and his novel Voice of the Fire. It also features a foreword by novelist Robert Rodi and an introduction by Obie-Award-winning playwright David Drake, as well as an index of historical characters, a selection of classic poems quoted in the text, and a bibliography. The result is a truly arresting volume that captures the spirit of Moore's poem while redefining the concept of a picture book for adults. --136 pages, Full-Color HC


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