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Surfside Girls (Book 4): The Clue in the Reef

Surfside Girls (Book 4): The Clue in the Reef

by Kim Dwinell

ISBN 978-1-60309-529-7

Splash into a new adventure with Sam & Jade in the graphic novel series that inspired the Apple TV+ show! Past and present collide with land and sea as the girls leave the mainland and strive to save the animals!

How did girls do anything dressed like this? Sam is cranky -- the Surfside Days festival is on, and she and Jade have been conscripted to work the “Burger Dude Ranch” booth, dressed like it’s 1850! But when the girls paddle out at Danger Point on a break, it’s obvious that there’s a bigger mystery to be solved. What on Earth are those creatures doing stranded out there on that rock? As more weirdness unfolds, it’s time for Sam and Jade to re-open the Journal of Weird… searching for clues on an island adventure and testing their wits against their most dangerous foe yet! -- a 264-page, full-color softcover graphic novel with 3" French flaps, 6" x 9" (portrait)

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