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Korgi: Short Tails

Korgi: Short Tails

by Christian Slade

ISBN UPC 827714013139 - Diamond: MAY170531 (regular cover), MAY170532 (variant cover)

$4.99 (US)

Celebrate the 10th anniversary of Christian Slade’s heartwarming Korgi series!

Korgi: Short Tails is a 48-page comic book collecting all seven Korgi stories from Free Comic Book Day, together with a brand-new adventure called “Cloud Cat.” A robot loses its head, finger-puppets battle, a dragon learns to breathe fire, and Sprout the Korgi (of course) stuffs himself with delicious treats! Slade’s lovingly detailed pen-and-ink drawings bring his fantasy world to life in small slices, all bound up within a new fully-painted cover. -- a 48-page saddle-stitched comic book with color cover and black & white interiors, 6 5/8" x 10 3/16" (“standard size”)

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