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Korgi (Book 5): End of Seasons

Korgi (Book 5): End of Seasons

by Christian Slade

ISBN 978-1-60309-486-3 - Diamond: NOV200432

Praise for the Korgi series:

"If there was ever a true ‘all-ages’ book, this is it. Korgi hits every note perfectly, and can hook readers all across the spectrum with its tantalizing suspense and action.... The art is spectacular." School Library Journal’s "Good Comics for Kids"

"Guaranteed to be loved by children. Its Disney-esque beauty and Bone-like comic timing and fantasy adventure are thoroughly enjoyable, and Slade’s black-and-white draftsmanship is impeccable." — The AV Club

“Once you pick up Korgi, if you have a heart, you will not be able to put it down or stop going ‘That’s so cute!!!’” Publishers Weekly’s "The Beat"

“Dynamic and elegant pen-and-ink pictures bring the story to vibrant life... Funny, thrilling, and scary in all the right places... Korgi will draw in fans of graphic fiction, fantasy, fairies, dogs, and good old storytelling. Slade was a Disney animator, and it shows in his spirited and expressive characters whose facial expressions and poses leave no need for words.” Library Journal

"In many ways, Korgi is a prime example of how to handle an all-ages book. With just the right level of surprise and adventure, it’s determined to hook older readers just as quickly as children." Read About Comics

“It is easy to see how this series has gained so much popularity. The art, storytelling, pacing, and world Slade has created are fantastic, and you don’t have to be a kid to appreciate it.”

The beloved wordless fantasy graphic novel series reaches its stunning conclusion -- with plenty of thrills, laughs, and exquisitely illustrated animal magic.

Winter has arrived in Korgi Hollow... and with it, the end of the Korgi story. As Ivy and her Korgi pup Sprout frolic in the frozen weather, an ancient power is stirring. At long last, saddle up for the conclusion of this “silent” epic fairytale told entirely through detailed pen-and-ink drawings. Fire and ice will collide in a timeless battle between good and evil. Will the residents of Korgi Hollow survive the harsh cold? One thing is for sure: nothing will ever be the same. -- a 160-page, softcover graphic novel with 3" French flaps (B&W interiors) (6.5" x 8.5")

Coming March 2021!


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