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God Is Disappointed / Apocrypha Now — SLIPCASE SET

God Is Disappointed / Apocrypha Now — SLIPCASE SET

by Mark Russell and Shannon Wheeler

ISBN 978-1-60309-386-6 - Diamond: FEB16-0425

$39.99 (US)

"Mr. Russell and Mr. Wheeler have used irreverence to win an audience for what is actually a slyly empathetic retelling of Bible stories." The New York Times

“Accurate yet rib-tickling, these scriptural riffs are perfect for fans of Monty Python’s Life of Brian.” — Publishers Weekly

"Pairing Russell’s irreverent prose interpretations of Biblical legend with Wheeler’s droll single-panel cartoons... it’s a jam-packed read that turns these ancient texts into engaging, accessible narratives, with a strong sense of humor." — The AV Club

Hallelujah — the beloved classic has risen again! And this time it brought company. Celebrate the second coming of Mark Russell & Shannon Wheeler with this handy slipcase set, containing both God Is Disappointed in You and the new sequel Apocrypha Now — two hilarious must-haves in one beautiful box. Perfect for gift-giving!

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