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March 21, 2008

... i have no idea who Pixeloo even is (the blog is anonymous), but this photo will probably spread through the blogosphere like wildfire, and either make her/him rich or else get them sued. Disturbing as f*ck and brilliant!

• Meanwhile, i pulled Alec Longstreth's Phase 7 #11 out of my to-read pile. This issue contains the second part of his autobiographical story chronicling his passion for comics, and his desire to become a cartoonist. Painfully honest and brimming with unbridled enthusiasm, this comic book is prescribed for aspiring creators in any medium. Also, it's great to see that Alex's superhuman amounts of sweat equity in his effort is paying a nice dividend. His early cartooning from just a few short years ago did not start out entirely naturalistic, and seemed forced; but here one can see him really coming into his won, showing marked growth and developing an assured grasp of the form.