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Ray Fawkes

Ray Fawkes is an artist and writer of graphic novels, prose fiction, and games. His work has been published by Vertigo/DC Comics, Oni Press, Image Comics, White Wolf Publishing, and his own DIY Press, and has been nominated for a Shuster Award in the Outstanding Canadian Comic-Book Writer category. He has work forthcoming from Top Shelf Productions.

His blog is at http://www.rayfawkes.com.

Bibliography: Graphic Fiction - Long Form

  • Junction True - illustrated by Vince Locke. Published by Top Shelf Productions. Scheduled for release in 2010-11.
  • The Apocalipstix Vol. 2 - illustrated by Cameron Stewart. Published by Oni Press. Scheduled for release in 2010.
  • The Apocalipstix Vol. 1 - illustrated by Cameron Stewart. Published by Oni Press in 2008.
  • Pink - self-published in 2006.
  • Mnemovore - co-written by Hans Rodionoff, illustrated by Mike Huddleston. Published by Vertigo/DC in 2005.
  • Spookshow - Published by Cyberosia Publishing in 2003.

Graphic Fiction - Short Stories

  • Flinch - “The Snare” illustrated by Anton McKay. Published by Gestalt Publishing, due in 2009.
  • Popgun vol 3 - “Same Again” illustrated by Justin Randall. Published by Image Comics.
  • 24/7 vol. 2 - “Signals” illustrated by Justin Randall, “Flux” illustrated by Fiona Staples and Frazer Irving. Published by Image Comics, 2008.
  • The Thespian - self-published, 2007.
  • Rumble Royale - “The Apocalipstix” illustrated by Cameron Stewart, Published by the Royal Academy of llustration and Design, 2003
  • Go No Go - self-published, 2003.

Game Materials (all for White Wolf Publishing's “World of Darkness” game line)

  • Fall of the Camarilla, 2007. Contributing writer and Developer.
  • Requiem for Rome, 2007. Contributing writer and Developer.
  • Damnation City, 2007. Contributing writer.
  • Shadows of Mexico, 2007. Includes “La Justicia” prose short story. Contributing writer.
  • The Blood, 2007. Contributing writer and Developer.
  • Bloodlines: The Chosen, 2007. Includes “Down in the Dark” prose short story. Contributing writer and developer.
  • Requiem Chronicler’s Guide, 2006. Contributing writer.
  • Invictus, 2006. Includes “Florid” prose short story. Contributing writer.
  • Carthians, 2006. Contributing writer.
  • Circle of the Crone, 2006. Contributing writer.
  • Ghouls, 2005. Contributing writer.
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