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Penny Nichols

Penny Nichols

by MK Reed, Greg Means, and Matt Wiegle

ISBN 978-1-60309-448-1 - Diamond: FEB190752

$19.99 (US)

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“Tremendous fun, as Penny Nichols quips her way through the chaotically creative world of independent horror film-making. A real joy from start to finish!” — Graham Annable, director of The Boxtrolls and author of Peter & Ernesto

Somehow, cynical Penny Nichols has gotten roped into helping make a ridiculously over-the-top slasher film. With a crew of flakes and oddballs, she’s probably the only one who can save this stupid movie… but maybe it can save her, too. Now can somebody please stop that dog from licking the fake blood?

“I never wanted to be a teacher or lawyer. I never wanted to be anything, really.”

Stuck working mind-numbing temp jobs, Penny Nichols yearns to break free from the rut she’s found herself in. When, by chance, she falls in with a group of misfits making a no-budget horror movie called Blood Wedding, everything goes sideways. Soon her days are overrun with gory props, failed Shakespearean actors, a horny cameraman, and a disappearing director. Somehow Penny must hold it all together and keep the production from coming apart at the seams.

This hilarious graphic novel is a loving tribute to the chaos and camaraderie of D.I.Y. filmmaking, and the ways we find our future and our family in the unlikeliest of places. -- a 208-page softcover graphic novel with 3” French flaps (B&W Interiors), 6" x 9"