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by Tom Hart and Marcel Ruijters and Stripburger

ISBN 978-961-90436-9-1 - 216 pages, Diamond: STAR18204

$16.95 (US)

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"...this anthology is so bizzare, outlandish and just plain odd, it far surpasses all previous Stripburger anthologies..." ? Wostok. After surviving 10 "mad" years in publishing, Stripburger is proud to present another special, all-English edition of its flagship Eastern European anthology. This time the subtitle is "Comics Questioning Sanity" and we're showing off fresh, radical, non-moralising and even humorous submissions that will hopefully shatter the taboo called Madness. Covered by a brainstorming painting by Matthias Lehmann, the 216 pages - with an introduction by under --ground professor Wostok -- are filled with stories about living with madness, madness as a blind belief system, mad society, medical treatment and other acute psychotic phenomena. See what Tom Hart, Ole Comoll Christensen, Jason, Pakito Bolino, Aleksandar Zogaf, Mina Zabnikar, Mike Diana, Marcel Ruijters, Chris Cilla, Jacek Fras, Vladan Nikolic, Richard Suicide, Gomé&Fedi, Josh Neufeld, Mac McGill & Tauno Blisted, Ivana Armanini, Miroslav Lazendic, Koco, Alex Baladi, Andrej Stular and a dozen more had to say about the topic.

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