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Girl Town

Girl Town

by Carolyn Nowak

ISBN 978-1-60309-438-2

$19.99 (US)

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Praise for Carolyn Nowak:
"I raise my glass, tip my hat, and set of a million dollars worth of fireworks to Carolyn Nowak's electric brain, electric fingers and eclectic, electric storytelling smarts. What a wise, sad, funny, exhilarating book!" — Kelly Link, author of Get in Trouble and Magic for Beginners

"A gorgeous gelatinous world whose shapes, colours and lines fizz directly to the cerebral cortex, forcing you to stop and come up for air in between gulps of excellence. Her cartooning is the stuff that makes cliches true: a superb, seamless language conveying emotion and meaning in every word, beat, expression. Revel in it. And then revel in it again." — Zainab Akhtar, Comics and Cola

Diana got hurt. A lot. And she's decided to deal with this fact by purchasing a life-sized robot boyfriend. Mary and La-La host a podcast about a movie no one’s ever seen. Kelly has dragged her friend Beth out of her comfort zone — and into a day at the fantasy market that neither of them will forget.

Carolyn Nowak's Girl Town collects the Ignatz Award-winning stories “Radishes” and “Diana’s Electric Tongue” together with several other tales of young adulthood and the search for connection. Here are her most acclaimed mini-comics and anthology contributions, enhanced with new colors and joined by brand-new work.

Bold, infatuated, wounded, or lost, Nowak’s girls shine with life and longing. Their stories — depicted with remarkable charm and insight — capture the spirit of our time. -- a 160-page, full-color softcover graphic novel with French flaps, 6.5" x 9”