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Ed Piskor

After trying to hustle his own art and comics to the various comics venues and outlets with no promise, Ed started corresponding with his idols, heros, and peers within the field to attempt to find out why nobody wants to touch his work. After months of emails and phone calls and letters, they could give him no answer as to why the publishers didn’t like his stuff, but THEY did see his potential and the projects began coming in.

Right now he's working with movie star/writer/bobble head, Harvey Pekar, on American Splendor along with Top shelf alumni Dean Haspiel and Josh Neufeld. He did work for a new humor magazine called GAG! and is also doing art for a daily online strip at www.sunnyfundays.com called “Feast of the Seven Fishes” with Writer/Director/Key Grip/Best Boy Bob Tinnell thats going to be collected in a graphic novel.

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