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Top Shelf dives into digital comics: Two apps, books on every platform, and one incredible sale!

November 14, 2011

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Some of the bestselling graphic novels of recent years now fit in your pocket -- for just a few dollars each.

The comic book industry takes another significant step into the future today, as Top Shelf Productions offers its award-winning library of graphic novels for sale in digital form through two dedicated apps -- one for general readers and one for kids.

Additionally, this week Top Shelf expands the availability of its books across multiple digital platforms, for every device. As the publisher of critically acclaimed and popularly beloved books such as From Hell, Essex County, and Owly, Top Shelf breaks new ground as the first "indie" or "alternative" publisher to offer such a substantial catalog of digital graphic novels.

To celebrate, Top Shelf is offering five keystone graphic novels at radically reduced digital prices -- as low as 99 cents! -- for the next week. What's more, a newly remastered edition of Jeff Lemire's LOST DOGS makes its Top Shelf debut this week as a digital graphic novel.

The flagship of this launch is a pair of new apps, developed by industry leader Comixology, available now for Apple devices: Top Shelf Productions (featuring the full lineup of books) and Top Shelf Kids Club (focusing specifically on comics for all ages). They can be downloaded here:

Top Shelf Productions app

Top Shelf Kids Club App

At the same time, Top Shelf graphic novels are also now available through Comixology, Graphicly, Comics+ by iVerse, Apple iBooks, and Google Books. More titles will continue to roll out on every platform in the days to come, including the Nook and Kindle Fire devices, as well as the Diamond Digital program which partners with comic shops. New "buy digital" buttons now appear throughout, offering easy access to digital editions in every available format.

In the wake of this major expansion, anyone with a computer screen, smartphone, or tablet device can take home Top Shelf's award-winning and life-changing library of graphic novels. And with this week's sale prices, jumping in has never been easier -- five of the most popular Top Shelf graphic novels collectively cost less than $10.

Special launch week SALE PRICES - Top Shelf keystone books! Get all 5 for $9.95!

These prices apply in every digital store - try whichever you like!

In addition, the Top Shelf apps feature such contemporary classics as From Hell by Alan Moore & Eddie Campbell and Essex County by Jeff Lemire, new critical darlings like Infinite Kung Fu by Kagan McLeod and Lucille by Ludovic Debeurme, and stellar full-color kids' books like Incredible Change-Bots by Jeffrey Brown and Okie Dokie Donuts by Chris "Elio" Eliopoulos. All use Comixology's "Guided View" technology for a carefully curated panel-to-panel reading process on small screens, or full-page views on large screens. And, like all Top Shelf's digital comics, they are priced very affordably.

The Top Shelf apps in action


Comixology, the developer of the official Top Shelf apps, is one of the most popular vendors of online comics. Once purchased, a Comixology book is readable in any web browser, or in apps for iOS and Android devices. Comixology software includes a "Guided View" mode to intuitively move from panel to panel. Currently they offer about two dozen Top Shelf graphic novels here.


Today also marks the launch of nearly two dozen Top Shelf books on Graphicly, an innovative digital comics service that allows readers to purchase digital comics, embed & share them across the web, and discuss them with friends. For more information, visit Graphicly's Top Shelf hub.

Additonally, all of Top Shelf's Graphicly titles will be available for Barnes & Noble Nook devices as well, starting this week.


Comics+ by iVerse, Top Shelf's longest-running partner for digital comics, is available for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Currently Comics+ offers a massive library of over 70 Top Shelf graphic novels! Visit them here.


Apple's iBookstore is available through iTunes, or the iBooks app on your Apple device. It contains dozens of Top Shelf graphic novels, with more coming every week! You can see them here.

Google Books currently offers by far the largest number of Top Shelf graphic novels: over 100! What's more, they can be read on any computer, or any iOS or Android device. For more information, visit them here.