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Shuster Award nominations for Top Shelf's Canadian greats!

March 17, 2010

Image for Shuster Award nominations for Top Shelf's Canadian greats!

The prestigious Joe Shuster Awards, honoring Canadian comic book creators, have announced their nominees for 2010... and three Top Shelf creators are on the list!

First up, the excellent Stuart Immonen is nominated for Best Artist/Dessinateur, largely for his work at Marvel on Ultimate Spider-Man and New Avengers. Scripter supreme Kathryn Immonen likewise earns a nomination for Best Writer/Écrivain primarily for Runaways and Patsy Walker: Hellcat. Also mentioned is the Immonen-Immonen collaboration "Trampoline Hall" from a CBLDF benefit book. Finally, Shuster veteran Jeff Lemire returns for another shot at the award he won two years ago, Best Cartoonist/Créateur. The nomination honors his work on The Nobody and his story from Awesome 2: Awesomer, among other things.

But the best part? All three have amazing new graphic novels coming up from Top Shelf!

  • Kathryn and Stuart have collaborated on the nail-bitingly dramatic thriller Moving Pictures -- about love, war, and Nazi art theft -- which is in Previews now for a May 2010 release.
  • And Jeff Lemire has just announced his next major book with us, The Underwater Welder, for a 2012 release!

Congratulations to Stuart, Kathryn, Jeff, and all the nominees!