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Pre-order now: the divine second half of Eddie Campbell's epic BACCHUS!

April 14, 2016

"Bacchus mixes air hijacks and ancient gods, gangland drama and legends, police procedural and mythic fantasy, swimming pool cleaners and classics. It shouldn't work, of course, and it works like a charm. ... Eddie Campbell is the unsung King of comic books. ... The man's a genius, and that's an end to it." — Neil Gaiman

"A story of surprising richness and gravity… Bacchus stands as one of Eddie Campbell’s crowning achievements as writer, artist, and executive creator." The Comics Journal

"Campbell's breakneck inking and skittering Zip-a-Tone accents perfectly complement his fantasias of the god of wine and cronies wandering through the twentieth century." — The Village Voice

"Campbell is one of the premier cartoonists of his generation." Publishers Weekly

"No one else in the medium combines emotional truth, literary intelligence, and formal daring with such adroitness and elegance." Booklist

Eddie Campbell’s Bacchus is a true epic, spanning a decade of work, over a thousand pages, and several millennia of alcohol consumption.

In Bacchus, the visionary behind From Hell (with Alan Moore) and Alec: The Years Have Pants presents his version of “an American-style comic book,” filtered through his own brilliant, whimsical, and wide-ranging sensibility. With a fine blend of action, comedy, suspense, and an ear for a great story, Bacchus brings the gods and myths of ancient Greece to modern life, as if they had never left.

Nearly 600 pages, this deluxe volume collects the second half of the Bacchus saga (including 1001 Nights of Bacchus, Hermes vs. the Eyeball Kid, The Picture of Doreen Grey, King Bacchus, and Banged Up), with new notes and commentary by the author.


Bacchus (Omnibus Edition): Volume Two by Eddie Campbell
Black & white softcover graphic novel with French flaps, 552 pages, $39.99 (US)
ISBN 978-1-60309-027-8 - Diamond: APR16-0637
For mature readers (16+)
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Eddie Campbell's Omnibox: The Complete ALEC and BACCHUS

Slipcase of 3 softcover graphic novels, over 1700 pages, $99.99 (US)

ISBN 978-1-60309-387-3 - Diamond: APR16-0638

For mature readers (16+)
Alec: The Years Have Pants (A Life-Sized Omnibus)
Bacchus (Omnibus Edition): Volume One
Bacchus (Omnibus Edition): Volume Two

Now open for pre-order from your favorite store!