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After Red and her friends are killed by invaders from beyond, they’re revived inside massive organic battle-mechs. Time to take their planet back! It's a truly epic graphic novel about global crisis, mental health, and giant robots.

The world is being ravaged by four terrifying robotic monsters. One fateful night, four friends venture out to watch a meteor shower and come face to face with doom… only to find that their story is just beginning.

Returned to life by a mysterious natural power, these young adults are chosen to bear the only weapons that might turn the tide against the invaders: ancient, towering forest entities which they can pilot from within! They’re enormously powerful... but when you’re struggling with the trauma of your own death, is that really the best time to become a living weapon of mass destruction?

Writer Ricky Lima joins artist Daniele Aquilani for a jaw-dropping graphic novel about planetary crisis, mental health, and giant robots. Packed with captivating character designs, epic-scale battle scenes, and thorny questions, Undergrowth is a book about kids trying to do the impossible… and they just might pull it off. -- a 304-page, full-color graphic novel with 3" French flaps, 6.625” x 10.125” (portrait)

“Wild, weird, and strangely heart-wrenching, Undergrowth is a lot of fun… a tale of terror and obsession, told with great empathy and off-the-charts excellent mech violence.” — Zander Cannon (Kaijumax, Heck)

“Action-packed, heartfelt, and stunning.” — Jahnoy Lindsay (Superboy: The Man of Tomorrow)

“A beautifully crafted, epic, and original kaiju tale that will leave your jaw on the floor.” — Derek Laufman (Ruinworld)

“Whimsical, tender, witty, explosive, weird, and so dang pretty to look at.” — Dylan Burnett (Arcade)

Undergrowth is a heartfelt riff on mecha stories about friendship, loss, and saving the world. With dynamic art and characters, this anti-apocalypse story packs an emotional gutpunch! ” — Allison O'Toole (Shades of Fear)

“A fantastic story of nature vs technology, with breathtaking art and memorable characters. It’s got giant tree mechs punching space robots, what else could you want??” — Ryan Jampole (Taka, Sonic the Hedgehog)