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Sulk (Vol 3): The Kind of Strength...

Sulk (Vol 3): The Kind of Strength...

by Jeffrey Brown

ISBN 978-1-60309-055-1

$6.00 (US)

Sulk (Vol 3): The Kind of Strength That Comes From Madness explores the world of fantasy and science fiction, and turns it on its head. Or rather, just kind of tilts it slightly to the side. Stories include "Being Awesome Is Its Own Reward," where two brothers deal with a giant monster rampaging through their city, and "Mighty Malcum," in which an 11 year old genius and his robot best friend attempt to adjust to college life. There's also stories of pirates, time-traveling babies, martial arts masterminds and an all new short story from Elfworld. -- 64 pages, Diamond: AUG091077


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