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Skull Cat (Book One): Skull Cat and the Curious Castle

Skull Cat (Book One): Skull Cat and the Curious Castle

by Norman Shurtliff

ISBN 978-1-60309-519-8

“A delightful blend of cute, creepy, and absurd. I’ve got a lot of time for Skull Cat!” —Cam Kendell, illustrator of Fart Quest

“Finally, the big epic adventure that every little cat deserves! Norman Shurtliff has a knack for world-building that is enviable.” —Jens K Styve, creator of the comic strip Dunce

It’s Scully Catterson’s first day as the new garden-keeper at a spooky castle…
But when everyone goes missing, is he brave enough to become a hero?

Even though the castle is an eerie place, full of dark secrets, Scully is excited to start his new job and prove himself to be a great gardener. But wait a minute… what happened to all his co-workers? Were they devoured by bloodthirsty vampires? Spooked by a love-struck ghost? Pranked by a comic-reading goblin? Enchanted by a sleepy sorcerer? Will Scully have to become the hero and uncover the truth behind Le Dark Chateau? He never signed up for this!! -- a 112-page, full-color softcover graphic novel with 3” French flaps (7" x 9")